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3 Mistakes When Trying To Install Guters On Your Own

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Oftentimes, people end up trying to do repairs around their home on their own for the sake of saving a few bucks. Unfortunately, there are some things that are better off left to the pros. Otherwise, you could end up with a major disaster and a lot more in repairs than what you would have spent in the first place. Instead of costing yourself a small fortune, avoid making one of these costly mistakes when trying to install gutters on your own.

Not getting the right gutter type.

With so many different gutter materials, styles, gauges and sizes on the market today, it makes sense why you can get confused on which ones are going to work the best for your home. While each type of gutter will have its own unique benefits, it will also have its own drawbacks. Choosing incorrectly could be one of the biggest nightmares ever. You want to choose a durable material, while still making sure that the width and size of the gutters is still going to work for your property.

Not spacing your mounting system out properly.

Gutters are affixed to your home using various hangers to hold them securely in place. You want to make sure the hangers are less than three feet apart to give the gutters the support needed. If they don't have enough support, they are going to end up sagging. Water will pool in them, tug at the gutters and the system will end up getting ripped from your home. By spacing the gutters properly, they will stay in place and send water along its way.

Not calculating the pitch correctly.

Just because your gutters appear to be even, that doesn't mean they are. They have a small pitch that lets the water flow downward towards the spout, generally a couple inches worth of decline for a long section. It isn't very noticeable, but it definitely helps with keeping the gutters clean and free of debris. Water will flow without having to worry about stressing the gutters and creating a backup. When mounting the gutters, use a level to ensure they are at the right pitch.

In going through the information above, you can get your gutters installed in a short amount of time while making sure that there aren't any issues along the way. The last thing you want is them backing up, causing damage to your roof. So if you feel you can't do these properly, take the time to call in a professional company, such as Kelowna Eavestroughers, today.