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3 Types Of Siding You May Want To Consider

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Choosing the right material, whether you are remodeling a home, building, or adding siding to a building, the value of the property increases, as well as the aesthetics.  There are several factors ( energy efficiency, cost, stability)  you need to consider when choosing  exterior siding, but there are 3 types of siding you may want to consider for your home or building that include these important factors. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is durable and your color options are almost endless.  Vinyl siding is a popular exterior siding for homeowners.  When compared to wood and fiber cement siding, vinyl siding is the cheapest of the three.  Insects and termites are not an issue with vinyl siding.  Scratches are never an issue with vinyl siding since the color is throughout the material, but the lightweight material will show dents from nails, large tree limbs, and or run-away baseballs.  Vinyl siding is easy to clean and maintain.  Simply use a mild cleaning agent and water will do the trick.  The material will warp when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Wood Siding

Wood siding uses various types of woods in many shapes and colors.  Wood can be painted or stained and it will last as much as 100 years if routinely care for. If it is not painted or stained every few years, the wood is at risk of damage from the elements or insects, such as termites.  Redwood and cedar holds up to the elements and has less decaying.  Wood is easy to install so the novice carpenter will not have difficulty working with it.  If an area becomes damaged, it can be easily replaced.  Wood is biodegradable and eco-friendly.  Cost varies depending on the look you wish to achieve.  If you want to show the grain of the wood, the cost would be more expensive since you can buy cheaper wood if you intend to paint it.  

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is a type of siding made by bonding cellulose fibers, cement, and sand to form a strong material similar to wood.  Fiber cement is lightweight, fire resistant, and susceptible to mold and rotting, and holds up to extreme heat.  Fiber cement siding is available in many colors and styles, and unlike vinyl, it can be painted.  Fiber cement has a low R-value, a little lower than vinyl, so you cannot expect it to keep you warm by itself.  The materials used in the fiber cement are all natural so it is environmentally friendly.  Fiber cement siding is expensive, but it is low-maintenance which will save long term.  To clean fiber cement siding, you can use a garden hose or a pressure washer.  Fiber cement is not attractive to insects, and it will not fade or crack.

As you consider vinyl siding, a good look at the pros and cons will help you make a good choice for your home or building.  You will enjoy your siding if you are comfortable with your choice.  Regardless of which type siding you choose you will get better results, if you learn how to care for it.  Contact a local outlet, such as Advantage Exteriors Wood & vinyl siding, for further assistance.